Hospitality Loyalty Manager

At last, a loyalty system that gives the client what they want… instant gratification.

Hospitality Loyalty Manager

Ratality Loyalty Management provides you with a big data analysis advantage whilst adding value to both your establishment and customers. We understand what true value is, and we understand how adding value can contribute to your bottom line.

Ratality Loyalty Management supports different tiers and allow you to reward frequent customers instantly with tier-based rewards. Easily convert current customers to Loyalty members with the click of a button. Keep track and communicate with both your top customers, as well as those that haven’t stayed at your establishment yet.

Ratality Loyalty Management also supports the purchase of Gift Vouchers and the issuance of ad-hoc rewards whilst dashboards will enable you to easily track member take-up, rewards issues/redeemed, total member count, average basket size as well as total rewards liability.

Hospitality Loyalty Management