So, what makes us unique?


Revenue Management

We're the first transport management software solutions company to offer dynamic forecasting and revenue management for the bus and coach industry


Dynamic Pricing

We offer dynamic pricing as standard in our core bus & coach management system


No Commissions ever

We do not charge any commissions on any sales done; whether it's internal sales or through a sales channel

Ratality was formed by specialists in the Revenue Management, Loyalty, and Business Process & Optimisation Management fields who joined forces to create a software solution quite unique in the industry. Their decades of experience span across many industries, including aviation, bus & coach, rail, retail, and the hospitality industries.

We understand what true value is: Value = Benefit / Cost. So, by offering you a fully-integrated solution we aim to increase value to your clients, guests and passengers whilst maximising your profitability. Remember: Profitability doesn’t happen by accident; you must plan for it.

What our clients say about us


Our award-winning bus and coach software solutions are being used by multiple industries and various business types.


Bus & Coach

  • Scheduled Coach Transport
  • Private Transfers and Charters
  • Bus Shuttles & Tours
  • Student & Learner Transport
  • Contracted Commuter & Employee Transport

Vehicle Rental

  • Vehicle Rentals
  • 4x4 Hires
  • Campervan rentals
  • Truck rentals
  • Motorhome rentals


  • Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Game Parks
  • B&B's
  • Guest houses



Our single platform offers you the following integrated solutions


Maximize ridership, customers, and revenues

  • Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing
  • Automatic adjustment of rates based on business rules
  • Optimise ancillary revenues
  • Integration with Distribution networks and OTAs
  • Manage sales channel, seasonal and duration discounts
  • Multi-currency
  • Regular passenger passes
  • Fully customizable loyalty and rewards system
  • Generate and e-mail quotes online
  • Manage passenger transfers between trips

Enhanced user

  • Fully integrated cloud-based platform
  • Intuitive reservations & ticketing system
  • Online Agent and Client booking portal
  • Build-in communications system
  • Visual coach & driver scheduling tools
  • Utilise Google Maps and Geo-fencing technology
  • Real-time web interface
  • Student information & records
  • Notifications & Alerts

Smart decision

  • Route and passenger manifests
  • Ticket scanning
  • Comprehensive Dashboards & Reports
  • Recommends best rates
  • Budgeting, invoicing, and sales ledger
  • Manage quotes and pricing
  • Set custom business rules
  • Vehicle & driver management application
  • Forecast and manage driver hours
  • Online Driver portal


Check out some core features of our award-winning software solutions


Our Platform

  • Fully integrated cloud-based platform making it accessible from anywhere and on any device
  • Online Agent and Client booking portal
  • Real-time web interface
  • Modular system allows you to set access levels for all functionalities
  • Client preferences can be set to manage discounts, refunds, payment options, fees and ticket timelines and auto-expirations
  • Tracks and saves all actions done on system

Integration feeds & Distribution Networks

  • Integration with distribution networks and OTAs
  • View real-time sales from sales channels
  • Review trip demand from sales channels
  • Fully supports part-payment or payment with rewards

Intuitive Reservations & Ticketing System

  • Intuitive reservations & ticketing system allows for optimum user experience
  • Override mode allows supervisors to alter any information on current bookings, including pricing and expiration timelines
  • Multiple-payment options available

Financial Management & Budgeting

  • Set-up budgets and track actual performance vs budget
  • Create invoicing, cash-ups, and sales ledger
  • Export financial information to external financial accounting software

Forecasting, Revenue Management & Dynamic Pricing

  • Dynamic forecasting of unconstrained passenger demand for every future departure
  • Revenue management and dynamic pricing automatic adjust rates based on business rules and forecasted demand
  • Optimisation of ancillary revenues
  • Set custom business rules and demand scenarios based on forecasted demand and current bookings

Quotes & Pricing

  • Generate and e-mail quotes online
  • Multi-currency enabled
  • Ticket scanning via barcodes or QR codes
  • Recommends best rates
  • Manage quotes send
  • Manually adjust prices or set global pricing for specific routes

Manage Discounts & Promotions

  • Run promotions for specific sales channels by either offering a discount or set discounted amount.
  • Set-up channel discounts per travel date and per sales date
  • Set-up seasonalities and unique pricing rules for each season
  • Manage seasonal and duration discounts
  • Set up manual demand scenarios and apply to routes

Loyalty, Rewards & Vouchers

  • Fully customizable loyalty & reward system with unique business rules, tiers, and currency
  • Issue, redeem or manage ad-hoc or gift vouchers
  • Various reports to view top customers, reward transactions and even excessive card usage.

Driver & Vehicle Management

  • Online Driver portal to view trip sheets & maps, passenger lists, trip details, scan tickets or to log an incident or defect.
  • Visual coach & driver scheduling tools
  • Manage driver information or view driver’s trip log
  • Forecast and manage driver hours to ensure optimum driver utilization
  • Manage vehicle information, maintenance logs, downtime, fines
  • View comprehensive vehicle utilization reports, including trip details, distance travelled, total revenue earned, and revenue per kilometer

Scheduled Trips & Routes

  • Regular passenger passes
  • Utilise Google Maps and Geo-fencing technology
  • Student and passenger CRM
  • Manage passenger transfers between trips
  • Route and passenger manifests

Communications, Notifications & Alerts

  • Build-in communications system makes for quick communication with both passengers and drivers
  • Set-up automatic messages
  • Use templates and placeholders to quickly communicate trip disruptions to passengers
  • Ability to set-up multiple notifications and alerts

Reports & Dashboards

  • Real-time performance dashboard tracking revenue, sales, pricing, and performance
  • Real-time operational dashboard tracks scheduled coaches, drivers, revenues, forecasted passengers vs actual passengers, and actual revenues vs budgeted revenues.

Our Partners

Sales Channels

Integrated Payment Gateways

Our Pricing

We offer a scalable pricing solution to suit any business size

ratality lite

Suitable for small bus and coach operators who require a core coach management system without the bells and whistles

ratality lite
ratality basic

Suitable for small to medium size bus and coach operators who requires some sales integrations with the option to add additional functionalities as they grow

ratality basic
ratality plus

Suitable for medium to large bus and coach operators who requires a basic software solution with limited sales integrations

ratality plus
ratality premium

Suitable for medium to large bus operators who requires all functionalities and maximum visibility

ratality premium

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